Expert Forestry Consulting

Forest Land Services, Inc

Planning a timber sale?  With over 40 years experience, Forest Land Services, Inc. offers the background and services you need.

If you don't know the value of your own timber, how can you afford to sell it to someone who does?

At Forest Land Services, our expertise is all about evaluation, management, and consulting where forests, wildlife, and human interests come together.  We are a full-scale timber management firm offering a wide array of services including timber sale administration, timber inventory and appraisal, and forest management plans.

In addition to timber sales administration, Forest Land Services offers more than a dozen forestry related services, including feasibility studies, wildlife management, regeneration and planting services, gypsy moth control, and more.

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Why Forest Land Services?

A fundamental resource of nature, forests offer us treasures beyond compare.  Yet only a small portion of this resource is properly managed.  Many who own forested property are unsure how to manage and maintain it, as well as reap its many benefits.

This is how Forest Land Services, Inc. (FLS) can help.  At FLS, we have over 40 years of forest management and wildlife management experience.

A forest is not something that is easy to replace or to start.  It takes 60-100 years to grow a mature hardwood stand of trees.  At Forest Land Services, our professional experience helps you protect your interests.

As a landowner, you may have several goals for your forest.  Perhaps you want to maximize income from your forest, encourage wildlife habitat, or create recreational opportunities.  Whatever your goals, with Forest Land Services, Inc., you can grow a healthier forest, harvest timber correctly, and find ways to maximize the benefits of this rich natural resource.

Service Area

Forest Land Services serves clients throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Maryland.  Providing forestry services to Pittsburgh, Altoona, Dubois, Harrisburg, Johnstown, Ligonier, Somerset, State College, Uniontown (PA); Cumberland (MD); Charleston, Chambersburg, Elkins, Morgantown, Parkersburg (WV); Akron, Canton, Zanesville (OH).  A service area map is available on our Contact FLS page.