Common Questions

1What does a forester do?
A forester identifies types and species of trees in order to determine how best to care for and maintain a forest. Care and maintenance may involve the cutting of trees, evaluating timber for purchase and for sale, managing wildlife in the forest, and appraising tree value.
2Why should a forester help me with my timber?
It takes 60 to 100 years to grow a forest to maturity. Landowners often have only one chance to get the most out of their forested land, depending on their goals. Foresters are trained and experienced in the timber industry and can offer advice to maximize profits and forest growth. Why take a chance with one of your most valuable assets, when a trained professional is only a phone call away.
3How much is an inspection?
Inspections are free of charge. All potential new customers should have a preliminary inspection done before any type of service begins. This inspection allows Forest Land Services to make management recommendations, and also gives Forest Land Services the information necessary to offer management options to the landowner.
4What is the best way to contact Forest Land Services, Inc?
The best way to contact Forest Land Services, Inc. is by calling the office at 724-238-2880 to arrange for a free inspection and consultation. Due to the nature of the profession, the foresters are often out of the office and in the field during the day. Setting up an appointment ensures that you will get one-on-one time with the forester at your property. We have found this to be more practical and informative than communicating through email.
5What regions are served?
We serve clients throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Maryland. A service area map is available on our Contact FLS page.
6How much is timber worth?
Forests are filled with a variety of tree types. Each type is worth a different amount depending on the height, width, and state of health. Foresters are able to easily identify all types of trees and analyze their worth. In addition, Forest Land Services, Inc. is experienced in the field of timber sales and has knowledge of dozens of potential timber buyers. Choose Forest Land Services to get the best price for your timber.
7How does cutting trees down make my forest better?
There are techniques that foresters use to help enhance the health and vitality of a forest. Cutting weak trees down allows those around them to grow stronger. Also, removing some trees can let more sunlight into the forest and help young trees grow faster. This knowledge of forest maintenance comes from education and years of experience.

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Service Area

Forest Land Services serves clients throughout Western and Central Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Maryland.  Providing forestry services to Pittsburgh, Altoona, Dubois, Harrisburg, Johnstown, Ligonier, Somerset, State College, Uniontown (PA); Cumberland (MD); Charleston, Chambersburg, Elkins, Morgantown, Parkersburg (WV); Akron, Canton, Zanesville (OH).  A service area map is available on our Contact FLS page.