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Who Uses Forest Land Services?

For over 40 years, consulting forester Bob McColly has served a variety of clients both public and private.

Forested land may belong to private owners, hunt clubs, private resorts, public and private golf courses, church and scout camps, municipal parks, and corporate campuses. These are just a few of the types of clients that FLS serves on a regular basis. We work with land owners whose acreage ranges anywhere from five acres to 40,000 acres.

At Forest Land Services, we offer a full-scale of timber management services, including timber sale administration, timber inventory and appraisal, and forest management plans.

In addition, Forest Land Services offers more than a dozen forestry related services, including feasibility studies, wildlife management, regeneration and planting services, gypsy moth control, and more.

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Mr. McColly has been doing the exclusive forestry work for our firm's 6000 acres, and forestry work for me, personally, of 3000 acres. In all respects, I have found him to be very capable, meets well with potential buyers, and is completely honest. He has been working for me at least eight years. I expect to continue using his services well into the future, as I am very pleased with all of his work. You may consider this as a sterling recommendation for any forestry management you may have in mind.


Bob has managed our land holdings in Pennsylvania since 1980 and has done an absolutely outstanding job. I recommend him without reservation. With Bob's help we have purchased a total of approximately 9500 acres in three parcels and Bob has managed these properties very well.


We couldn't be more pleased with the house clearing! Those extra 12 trees made all the difference in allowing sun and light to flow in. Your expertise was much appreciated and it was a pleasure to work with you on this project.


Thank you for everything... When I walked the property last month, I was very pleased with the way that the land was being timbered. There is a comfortable amount of timber left standing and it appears that the logger had done minimal amount of intrusion on the property. I will take another look in the next week or two and check out the final result. I drove by yesterday and saw that they did a good job repairing the deck area. The only thing left to do is to close off access to the road by dropping a couple of logs at that entrance.

Not only has it been a pleasure working with you, but also it was one of the best investments that I've ever made. You made a process that was totally foreign to me very understandable and guided my partner and I through the process. I don't think that we would have ended up with amount of return on our timber without your help. And our land could have easily been permanently and irreparably damaged if we had chosen the wrong saw mill. Your visits to the site and your follow up made sure that the terms of the agreement were complied with. I could have never been able to handle that.

This whole process, from beginning to end, was made much easier, more profitable, and less stressful by your expertise in this field. Please use me as a reference if you want. Great job!